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Inducing Ovulation

Clomiphene (Clomid) to Induce OvulationHow to take it:50 mg once daily for 5 days. Begin on or about the fifth…

Goals of Treatment for DM2

Components of a Diabetes Plan:Regular exerciseCareful diabetic dietNever smokeCholesterol control and statin medicationBlood sugar control. Goal of having A1c less…

ADD and ADHD Eval for Kids

Evaluation of ADD and ADHDDownloadable ZIP Package of All Below Referenced FilesInitial AppointmentIn the OfficePrimary Care Initial Encounter.pdfTake Home PaperworkVanderbilt…

List of All UICs

This information is (surprisingly) publicly available! It's published in the OPNAVINST 5400.45. There are a couple lists, which can all…

Superb Safety Turnover

This is a mnemonic which helps identify the important elements communicated by a superb attending to ensure safety of all patients…

About MEB and PEB

OverviewA Medical Board (MEB) is very often confused with a Physical Evaluation Board (PEB), MEBs are initiated every time we…

Knee Injection

Knee injections can help relieve pain and decrease swelling, extending the time until patients may ultimately need knee surgery.

Endometrial Biopsy

Endometrial biopsy is performed when there is a concern for endometrial cancer.  The procedure can be done in 20 minutes, but it is helpful to have a little extra time when possible.

Newborn Circumcision

Office based newborn circumcision is generally performed as early as 24 hours after birth, up to 30 days of life.  After 30 days there is an increased risk of bleeding complications, and should not be performed in the office.